Data Recovery is a bit like a hospital Accident and Emergency unit. Instead of people that have had accidents. For us its computers and increasingly phones and other data storage devices with the accidents. But, like most Accident and Emergency situations; our standard facilities are able to sort the problem and recover your data.

However, just as in a hospital. There are always some situations where the damage caused, requires much more extensive treatment and recovery. In a hospital this is often the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). We have a similar facility and service - so we also call it our ICU.  There we deploy our best knowledge, skills and crucially the tools and equipment, to be able to recover severely damaged data. It covers those rare, one-off and really hard cases.  It also covers ones where we have to spend much more time in reconstituting recovered data. In our ICU we have recovered data from devices that have; been set on fire, been lost, been buried and even been sunk at sea, just to name a few examples.

The ICU is a more expensive recovery than using our standard DataLAB recovery service. In most situations we see its not required.  However, if your device has been unlucky enough to have had a really catastrophic failure and you really need that data.  Then, ICU may be just the service you need. We are fortunate to have it as an available service of last resort.  It provides an additional option to our very price competitive standard recovery services for extreme situations.