We have been seeing a massive shift in the focus of our clients when looking for evidence of the past three or four years. The number of cellular devices eg iPads, iPhones, Samsung Phones and many other portable devices now outweighs the number of conventional laptop and desktop systems we see. I have always noted that people are far more likely to steal data via, or carry out nefarious activity on, a cellular or portable device. They can put in their pocket and carry it with them. It also has a pin code on it they control. These factors alone make a user much more relaxed when doing things they shouldn't on a digital device. 

The good news is we support over 3000 models of phone for extraction and in most cases we dont need a PIN code. 

Our labs noted this trend shift many years ago and have since been supporting the legal and investigative community ever since. We have refined our processes to align with best practice for evidence handling and have tailored our reporting to deliver whats essential in presenting evidence from phones and similar cellular devices.  Additionally, we are frequently asked to appear in court and present our findings in an expert witness capacity if and when needed. 

Scenarios we see often include; 

  • Recover deleted Chat or SMS records. 
  • Gather and present available or deleted images/photos. 
  • review geolocational data and relate this to statements of position. 
  • Access and parse email history. 
  • Review search history for Google Chrome or Safari etc. 
  • Dump call records and review call timing and duration. 

Our team is reachable via the 0800 328 2522 free call number any time in NZ and we would encourage anyone needing assistance with cellular or any digital evidence to call through and have a chat with an expert about case options.

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