We are very proud of the services we offer.  We always try to go the extra mile with our clients and make sure we deliver on expectations.

However, we want to go even further.  We also want to make sure we are adopting best practice and to benchmark ourselves and how we deliver against a widely recognised and respected standard.  ISO 9000 is the world's foremost quality standard.  We aim to achieve certification around the end of next year, in 2020, and we will be using the interim period to audit and benchmark our systems and processes to ensure we can meet this standard.

You can see more details on our public website

DataLAB ISO 9000 page

Why are we doing this now?

Our business has developed considerably over the last few years. It's become more extensive and we are also dealing with more complex and larger cases, especially in Digital Forensics. Providing a reliable and consistent service is key for those cases and clients. This is very much part of the ISO 9000 ethos.

The soundings we took in our markets suggests that many clients are keen to have more objective measures round ‘quality of service’ and ‘perceived service delivery'. Put simply, we compete with many one-man-band and often transient operations who advertise, then seem to disappoint in terms of ability and service delivery.  We want to demonstrate objectively that we provide better and more consistent quality driven services.

We have made many systems improvement over the last year and have seen the positive effect it has had with both clients and our team. Although we are in good shape now, the ISO 9000 model provides a proven framework for us to push this further and to do even better.