The resources here are free for all our clients to access and use.  Please do be aware that information is provided in good faith.  It's by its nature, general only and if you need professional advice or advice for your specific situation you should enquire direct or speak to your technician.  That said, it's there to help so please make as best use of it as you can.

The DataLAB Knowledge Base is split into 3 folders:


This folder contains information on how we work, our polices as well as more general advice.  It also contains our FAQ pages.

Data Recovery 

This folder holds a variety of resources aimed specifically at Data Recovery issues. We have put some third party research findings in here, along with other articles and posts we think will be of interest.

Digital Forensics

Our Folder for digital and data forensics.  Whilst there is some overlap between Data Recovery and Forensics, the articles, posts and resources here are all orientated towards our forensic clients.  They include articles of a more technical nature.

Please note if at any time you feel you need professional advice you should enquire with us direct and not rely solely on the information contained within this Knowledge Base library.